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      Hey everyone, I’m having a performance issue with premiere cs6 and haven’t been able to find a solution via Google.

      So the problem is terrible performance in cs6. I upgraded to Windows 10 and reinstalled everything. Went to render a few 10 minutes videos and they’re taking up to 10 hours. After upgrading to Windows 10 I lost Cuda support, so I manually added this back (GTX 560). I can’t even do real-time playback while I’m editing, which makes my projects near impossible to edit. I checked my preferences and have my memory set to only reserve 3 gigs of ram for other applications out side of Adobe.

      On Windows 7 and cs5.5 I would have rendered these videos in 20 minutes tops. For reference, the ONLY editing done to these was audio syncing, which I did manually so no outside source and no video effects.

      I attached a screen shot of my processes and the renderer in in the background (this is using encore, but it’s the same performance issue in both).

      Thanks for any help.

      I can’t attach an image, but basically I have 24 gigs of ram, and only 4 gigs are being used. My 1090T BE CPU is only using 30% of it’s total power.

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