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      A video I made about annoying people on facebook
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      Wowwwwww Great try keep it up 




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      Really funny stuff – keep working on it!   Rather than hang back there on the wall, get up in the lens for comedic impact.  Learn to use the emotional component of different focal lengths.  Long lenses compress the action and are good for portraits, fight scenes, intimate dialog, etc.  Wide angle lenses exagerate movement.  Zoom all the way out and record yourself leaning into the lens… the exagerated motion is funny.  Lean way in on punch lines, ironic twists, etc to kick it up a notch.  

      Solid editing and performance.  

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      Ehjoyed it lots, keep it up

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      It entertained me and I watched the whole video.  Dialog was good. 


       Lighting needs to be better.   Several clips face was really shadowed. Three point lighting would go a long way here.  Also a few clips were out of focus.  Was this shot with auto focus on? 



      Keep shooting. 

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      The lighting was the biggest problem for me.  Content was good, graphics and cut-aways were pretty funny too.  The bouncing back and forth from left to right side of the screen was a little over used.  I agree that getting closer to the camera would have been better.  More distance between your background and yourself is a good idea to practice also.  Shows more depth to your shot.

      A more interesting background of something generic but blurred out (shallow DOF) would be better.  A white closet door is not so great.  Keep shooting, your doing great!



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