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      What do you think about this video?

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      To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, “when you’re there there’s no there there.” Who is this about? What are you asking me to understand when I see disembodied hands sweeping papers to the floor, closing laptops, etc.? The time-lapse is endless and makes no point. You don’t focus my attention on either the swimming or the endless game. The flock of birds in the sunset would be beautiful — if only we could see them.

      For any artistic piece to work it must have a subject with which (whom) the viewer can identify. It must make the viewer understand it’s viewpoint. Is the mystery person who trashes the papers on the desk one of the people on the dock? Is he/she bored already, or delighted to be free from school or work and at play? Is the ball game an expression of jubilation or of boredom? Who is watching the sunset and birds?

      Time shifting and time lapse are two very different techniques. Time lapse has very little place in film making. For your next project I suggest you work at story telling; try taking this same idea and developing it so that we know whose viewpoint the tale is being told from, what they’re doing with their new-found freedom and what we’re to walk away from the experience understanding.

      Good luck.

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      Wasted three minutes of my life waiting for something to happen. What was all that with a book at the start? Then closing a laptop and putting papers on the floor? Ah – he we go, I thought, a few seconds of time-lapse showing something actually happening, but no. Just people doing nothing. Then a new shots from a distance of people doing nothing again. Then some more time-lapse of people doing something, but under exposed so I didn’t know quite what sort of nothing they were doing. Then a sunset – sadly, not a nice one – we get better than that in England! Then it faded out. Best bit in the movie. Music was pleasant-ish I guess?

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      Kevin Mc

      Meaningless. Hard to watch. Pointless. Nothing grabbed me and made me want to see more. The looooong takes of time lapse are really hard to watch. As an audience member, I have no point of reference, don’t know who the people or places are. You have enough footage there for about a 10 second video, and the time lapse footage is waaaaay overused (nothing cool about it).

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      Not bad! I like it!

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