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      I am currently using a Pentax K10 DSLR with the choice of 2 lenses the 18-55 and 50-200 zoom. I have used it mainly for arial photography in the anti shake mode and i love it. I would now like to do some video tutorials of the machinery i work with and I have been advised the best way to achieve this is with a DSLR with the video function and ideally with a jack plug socket for an external microphone. I have been told the idea camera is the Canon 5D Mark II but I am thinking if I buy a Pentax DSLR body only I can then use my existing lenses. Having checked the Pentax range specifications there appears to be 3 in the range that have the external microphone socket, the K-2s, K-5 and K-3
      Can anyone give me advice on how they compare to the Canon 5D Mark II. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

      I have posted the above thread on two other SLR camera forums and the general consensus is that i need to buy a video camera and an external light source. Can anyone recommend the type of cameras the would be good for this type of work.

      Regards mindy

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      I too use Pentax through choice – and if you need another camera body, I’d buy another Pentax without any doubt. However – their audio recording (and Canon’s to be fair) is quite limited. For tutorials a proper external mic connected to a zoom or similar would be my preference, then sync up the audio in the edit. A lav into the zoom would be my preference.

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