PC vs MAC what’s the best bang for my editing buck?

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      The last purchase I need to make is a computer. I am using a canon gl2 so I will be needing to transfer via FireWire or thunderbolt (or some other option I'm not aware of).  


      I am struggling to convince myself that a 1800 Mac is the way to go when dollar for dollar I can get the same power in a pc for 800. 


      What should I be looking for?  


      The final pieces are 10 -30 min very simple transitions and placed in youtube as well as sold on DVD. I will not be doing anything more than editing hours of raw footage into episodes. 

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      Both systems can accept fire wire or thunderbolt or USB 3.0 but your best bet is to decide which editing system youi want to use and then get a computer with the operating system that the editing software is designed to run on

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      I have used both and apple used to be the top dog but now not as much. You can get some good PC power for 800 bucks. I would suggest looking into possibly getting a custom desktop. You would probably have to pay at least an extra $200 for peripherals but it may be worth it. You do not have to do it yourself there are a lot of services that will do this. I got mine from nor-tech, I got a quite powerful machine for 1,400. (If you want more info let me know.) Whatever you choose a desktop gives you more for your buck, a of even more so. For macs I would think a MacBook or an iMac would suit your needs. To sum it up for what your doing a very basic computer could get the job done, but from what I've learned is computers are something you shouldn't be afraid to shell out some money because you will use them a lot.

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      PC. Not as sexy but everything works on it and it's easy to upgrade.

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