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      Hey All,
      Is there a standard way to organize audio files to pass along to a Sound Designer/Dialogue Editor?

      I am a Sound Designer working on a film. I just received the film along with all of the audio files from the editor. Most of the audio files are all separated into folders according to Scene Numbers and Take Numbers. For example 3T20 ( Scene 3 Take 20 ) is one file. But they are not labeled with scene names or descriptions.

      Then there are a few folders that actually have scene names such as- Krista Locker Room- then inside a list starting with KDA_B_0439 and so on.

      Now with the few folders that have scene names, I can figure out where in the edit they are if I need to refer to these folders to replace any of the audio from the edit that may be totally unusable or not able to be sweetened. However the ones that are just labeled with the Scene Numbers and Take Numbers, the only way to reference these to film is to listen to each file, then search through the film. Way to time consuming. There are over 500 individual files.

      So my question is, as an editor if you are editing according to a script, do you notate the Scene and Take numbers as you are placing them on your timelines? Then are these notes generally passed along to the Dialogue/Sound Designer so they know which files have been used in the edit? Or is there another way this process is done?

      Appreciate any help you can provide.

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