“Panoramic Vision-16” help me with this camera

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I️ have this camcorder labeled as a “Panoramic” brand camcorder that takes film. I️ don’t know anything about this camcorder or any film camcorder at all because i’ve never used or seen one in person until I️ got this one. anyone know how to use it? what film it takes? how to load? the battery pack works and the camera turns on and blinks a green light. when you open it and place film inside then close it, it just automatically rolls up the entire thing and makes it unusable. anyone know what’s going on with the camera? it has been called a Sony Handycam clone, so if anyone knows about that camera. i️ believe it’s from the 90’s.

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Film? You mean tape I hope, it's not a real film camera is it? I thought these were VHS-C format but didn't have any rewind or play facility. If you put up a pic of the loading slot and the 'film' - we can comment further, but chewing tapes up was as common as 8mm film cameras chewing up the perforations in the real film, and if it does it - it's junk. It's so rare as to have no spares available, so as it was bottom end budget when new, and not a brand with service backup - you are stuck. If it was a handicam clone, it would take 8mm tapes, but it looks too small. I fear it's for landfill - if you could find somebody able to have a look, the cost would be far more than its worth. You can buy brilliant cameras for silly money now. Solid state 4K recording to dirt cheap media vs 240 lines at best, in 4:3 format, with no machines to play back on?

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No, this is not a camcorder. No video involved at all. It is a 35mm film camera made to look like a camcorder. It also has a built in radio. If it rolls up the film it is stuck on rewinding the film back into its' cartridge. Time for the bin I think.

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