Pano HC-WXF991K vs Sony FDR-AX53

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      I always cringe when I see a subject like this….there is so much info available on most cameras but I still cannot decide. I no longer see official reviews of cameras like this even on the higher end like these.

      I have already decided for a variety of reasons (cost, record limit, etc.) I do not want to use a GH4 or other mirrorless or DSLR model. I have a Nikon that I primarily use for images but also use at times for video when fast focus is not needed and the time limit is not an issue. But I want a camcorder to replace my old HV20 for those times when I want to just shoot and not worry about it. Fast focus, good quality, no time limit, etc.

      I will probably shoot in 4K as my master file and then will want to transcode quickly to 1080P for ease of viewing. I edit in Premiere Pro but no longer edit and master every single video.
      I would say I am a fairly advanced photographer but usually use my camcorder in a point and shoot manner with just limited audio level adjustment although that might change. My subjects are family events,some local concerts, travel, etc.

      I was originally concerned about XAVC-S and how difficult it might be to deal with but others have educated me that it is not much of an issue anymore. Hopefully that remains the case.

      I am well aware of the feature differences (twin camera on pano(might use) in-camera editing on pano (I will not use), dual recording on Sony (4K and HD…but the HD is not 1080P so won’t use), All of these features to me do not push me to one or the other.

      This forum has so many knowledgeable members., I am interested in any experiences forum members have with either camera and things they like or don’t like after using. I wish Videomaker had reviewed either of these!!!

      I am most interested in quality of image and sound and don’t want hassles transcoding which I will probably do in Adobe Media encoder or a few other programs I have recently been turned on to. The one trend I did seem to find from knowledgeable users is that the general consensus is that the Sony with its better sensor is better in low light which might push me in that direction.

      Any comments would be appreciated.

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      ron sauve

      My video uses are much like yours. I bought the sony ax 53 and used it to video 20 plus blue grass groups at Silver Dollar City’s Blue Grass and BBQ event recently. It performed well. Great video and sound with H4N recorder taking audio from sound board. Now I need to see if I can edit and arcive material. I will try using Adobe cs6 master suite. Would love to exchange e-mails.

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      I bought the Sony FDR-AX53, primarily for these reasons: Ability to shoot 1080P at 120fps, and balanced Optical Steady Shot. I use mine for active video of aircraft. The 120fps and BOSS features are great. My one disappointment so far (and this may be something I need to get used to or figure out) is slowness in focusing at long telephoto. I may start shooting in manual focus for this reason. Would be interested to hear others’ experiences. You can see several videos I made this month with the FDR-AX53 on my YouTube Channel, Airailimages; here’s one URL:

      Overall, I like the Sony a lot.

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      ron sauve

      I liked the video. I used to go to the EAA annual flying and shoot video. The newer cameras of today would get some great flying events. I have a lot to learn yet about editing 4k video, setting up youtube account and posting.


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