Panasonic z10000 grainy picture but why?

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      Panasonic z10000 grainy dull picture after loan to a film school student-how to correct???


      Tried everything I can think of, replaced the out cover for lens, had guys at B&H tech support take a crack at fixing over phone…can not imagine what this kid did to my camera?  Any ideas?


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      AvatarAndy Bruns


      First rule of thumb, Nobody uses your stuff, Ever!!!


      Having messed with one of those during testing I would have to say it's a light issue before anything 3D related. The first thing I would do is get it back to factory settings and go from there. Is it grainy in 2D and/or 3D? Is it set at 60i or 30p ?

       If you could possible send me a few seconds of a clip I could probably help more… 


      Good Luck !











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