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      Avatarcain gessick

      ‘allo. first timer in the room.
      I have the opportunity to obtain a Panasonic HC-X1 as my first “real” camera (I’m still new to all of this but I’m learning quickly and getting lucky with gear…) – the factors being price/budget (around 3g’s), Cinema 4k capability, usable HD slow motion, decent low light performance (more for outdoor night situations with a small light set up) and all this with an integrated lens (unfortunately a result of the budget).
      I was planning on sticking with Canon but $$$…
      I wondering if anyone has a suggestion on something comparable/better with the same criteria and also any info on/ links to actual short films/content shot on the HC-X1. I’ve searched youtube etc. but can’t seem to find much other than standard reviews, color comparisons, slo-mo tests, time lapse to music type of stuff.
      thanks in advance.

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