Panasonic HC-vx870/HC-wx970 & HC-x920

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      I recently filmed my daughter’s choir concert with another father, and in editing the footage from our cameras together, I noted a very significant quality difference between the video shot on my aging Canon HF M30 and his newer Panasonic HC-x920:

      I’m not really asking for a subjective comparison, here. Anyone can clearly see the detail difference in the images. (Yes, I realize that there are color differences as well, but I’m not overly concerned with this yet–oh, and the suits and dresses were definitely black, while the lights were definitely fitted with red filters.)

      I did some research and found that the x920 is a 3 CMOS (Panasonic calls it 3MOS) camera. I don’t know whether this accounts for the difference, or if it’s the result of a lower cost lens. But in either case, as I would like to improve the quality of my videos, I’m looking at a new camera.

      The x920 appears to have been released around February 2013, and I see that the newer model appears to be dubbed the HC-wx970. However, while this model now supports 4k recording, it no longer has 3 CMOS sensors.

      I’ve tried to find video comparisons between these two cameras, and I though that if a brick-and-mortar store had both in stock I could compare them myself. But I can’t find either.

      So my question is whether anyone out there owns or has experience with these two models (or the HC-vx870, which seems to be the same as the wx970, but without the secondary camera) and can help me understand whether the quality of the newer model, with respect to the obvious clarity difference I see from my current model, is roughly similar (in HD mode). i.e. If I buy the wx970 (or more likely the vx870), will I be sorry that I didn’t buy the x920? (My hope is that a higher resolution sensor designed for 4k, scaled to HD, will result in something roughly resembling the 3 CMOS camera.)


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