Panasonic GH1 inconsistencies between sensors. Vertical Banding

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      the issue here is that I have two gh1's one is absolutely perfect and I can shoot indoors with the kit lens in lowlight with no banding, this new one I can't even shoot in full sunlight (properly exposed of course) without seeing banding. No mater where I look it is there.

      Here is a video comparing the two bodies one that I have shot with for over 2 years with no problems, and one that I just picked up yesterday which is unuseable due to the vertical lines at all isos and exposures.

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      The video won't embed even though when I paste that into my browser it directrs to it no problem!

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      Hi tyler – perhaps your first GH1 is hacked and the second one is not?  My GH1 is not hacked, and it has real challenges in low light.



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      P.S. – I find that videos will embed if I change them from "https" to "http".  Let's see if this works:


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      Thanks for the thoughts Bill, but I shot tests when I first got the second camera unhacked, and then hacked it to see if it was any different. Nothing changed with trying even 3 different types of hacks. The picture quality was obviously better with the hack, but the vertical banding stayed just as prominent! I tried a 24 hour burn-in as there are mixed views on this, but it didn't do anything to fix the problem. I am hoping the seller will take the camera back and issue me a full refund!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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