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      I have a Panasonic AJ-PX270 camera and I am having a real problem making it do what it says it can. The HDMI port will not output to a monitor and I have tried several monitors and cables that I know work. I can not find a setting in the menu that activates the HDMI port. I can find one for the SDI and one that says “System Mode” but that one does not do it either. Any idea what I might be doing wrong or should I just assume the HDMI port does not work. I just go the camera so I am not familiar with the menus. I finally realized that they tucked another menu in the thumbnail section (very bad design) and figured maybe there is another hidden place to activate the HDMI port. Thanks for any help.


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      I’m not familiar with this camera, but you can download the full operating manual (free) at

      I imagine you can also communicate with the host of this website who apparently owns the same model camera as yours.

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      There is no hidden menu to enable/disable the HDMI port on AJ-PX270.
      Please keep in mind though that standard definition signals are converted from interlace to progressive before outputting to HDMI. Just make sure your monitor accepts progressive SD signals. Also, some indicators like center marker, expanded display, safety zone, etc. are not displayed on the HDMI (or SDI) port.
      But what seems to be most important is that there is no output from HDMI port if you set your camera to 1080-23.98PsF mode.
      I don’t know where are you located but if by any chance you’re in UK then you can visit us or send the camera to our service center to test it, perform diagnostics, etc.


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