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       i am curious if you could help me with a problem we are having with our ag mx70 video mixer. you see, we are a small student television station in croatia, europe. on our ag mx70, on the first two source buttons we have two cameras connected. on the third source, we have a mac computer from where we play the edited footage, journalist packages for example. and on the fourth, we have a dv deck connected on a video input signal, from where we play a background for the chroma key. if we switch it to a sdi signal, on the fourth source, we have another mac from where we send our program into the air. now, our problem is that we can't get a live chroma key while mixing, swithing from one camera to the other has a delay, and when we play a package on the third source it is keyed out because of the chroma key being selected. so, is there a way for us to have a chroma key, a do a live mix between two cameras and a mac computer through which the edited footage goes? thank you very much for any information that you could give us. regards, mislav

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      I've never used that model, though I have used a tricaster. They treat chroma keys as different different channels entirely. For example, if channel 1 is green screen footage and channel 2 is background footage, channel 3 would be they chroma key that combined the two and channel four would be something else entirely. You essentially have to tell the chroma channel to use channels 1 & 2. If you switch something else into channel 1, channel 3 also changes.


      I don't know if that's how your mixer works or not. All I can suggest without looking at it is to consult your manual. :/

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