Panasonic AG MX70 and BMD

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      I have a Panasonic AG MX70 mixer which doesn’t have the ability to split screens nor have an input for a computer/laptop. I am also using 4 camcorders similar to the CanonVIXIA HF M50. The way I have the camcorders hooked up to the mixer is from the AV Mini Terminal into RG 6 cable then into mixer.

      I am considering buying Blackmagic Design SmartView HD (For the preview) and five HDMI to SDI converters (Four of them for the camcorders). The fifth converter box is an HDMI to SDI converter for the laptop input. I am planning on getting an HDMI cable from the laptop into the converter then a SDI cable from the converter into the Mixer. I am not sure where yet but I am considering Source 5 through Video In 1 PB.

      Anyone think that would work? Anyway to improve things? I am still an amuture in this area of production so I would love to hear some suggestions.

      Thank you so much,

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