Panasonic AG-HMC40 vs. Canon XA10

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      I am looking to upgrade my camera in 2013 and I have really been eyeing the models listed above. Both do what I would need, and both get stellar reviews. Until now I have been partial to Canon products, but I also have enjoyed Panasonic cameras in the past. I mostly need it for interviews and news-type segments and event videography. I am using FCP7 to edit on.


      I wanted to get some opinions from users on this board. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

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      Hi Mark – we have Panasonic AG-HMC40s (with the XLR adapter) at work, and they are great cameras – but a little outdated.  If I were shopping for a new camera, I would get the new Panasonic AG-AC90.


      It is a pro camera with built-in XLRs, like the XA10 (something the HMC40 lacks) – but it also shoots 1080/60p (something neither the HMC40 nor the XA10 can do).


      Here is some video from the AC90:



      Hope this is helpful and best of the holidays!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      Bill- great demo, remindes me of my trip to teh Phillipines a few years back. Beautiful images. The camera is a little more than I wanted to spend, but for the extra cost for some of the things it has (like the XLR inputs) might be worth it.


      I do have another question, since you brought up the 1080/60p. I have never shot in 60p, and have never really understood the reason to do so. Much of what I read is if you are planning on using shots for slow motion then it's OK, but I set my camera on 24fps and never move it, and I get pretty good results. I just wonder if I am missing something by not shooting in 60p. I have a ton of hard drives as it is to house all my footage, and I am not sure if I need these files to be any bigger for what I do.


      Here is something I shot using 2 Vixia M41's and editied using FCP7. This video came in 3rd in a National contest.


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      That's a great video, Mark.  And, you're right – 99% of the time, 24p or 30p is fine – but, sometimes, for fast action, 24p especially can blur or strobe.  That's when 60p with a 1/125th of a second shutter speed comes in handy.


      One camera that I forgot to mention earlier that is really good for shooters who edit with FCP – the $2050 JVC GY-HM150, the only pro camera at this price point that shoots native Quicktime.  Here is what it can do:



      Hope that you're enjoying the holidays!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution


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      I would not recommend the HMC-40 if you ever going to be in a low light situation. I've had the HMC-40 for 2 years now and love the camera for well-lit shots only. I am about to get a Canon XA-10 precisely because I need a good lowlight camera within that price range that has most of the same great features of the HMC-40.



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