Panasonic AC-90A or Sony NX1?

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      I am in need of a Video camera for weddings, events and to do documentaries on folklore.  I think I can afford either a Panasonic AG-AC90A or Sony HXR-NX1 or the ones that fall in that price range such as the Panasonic AC-130A.  It is easy to get reviews on Sony NX3 or NX5 but not on NX1.

      While doing google search I found this on Panasonic. "The AC-130a shoots a better image out of the box; you have to tweak the AC90a's settings to make the video look decent. The AC90a is not as friendly of a camera to control manually; the AC130a works well in manual mode".

      Which one would you recommend?

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      David Doty

      The AC 130a is a fabulous camera – it blows the AC 90a out of the water

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      The AC130A looks good. However, the Sony NX1 doesn't exist, apparently. There is a Sony NEX-3 and Sony NEX-5, but no sony NEX-1. However, there is a Samsung NX1, as well as a samsung NX300 and NX5. To which are you referring?


      It is a different camera. The AC130A has dual SD card slots, XLR, and a pro camcorder form factor. The NX1 has a larger sensor, an interchangeable lens, uncompressed video and h.265 (as opposed to h.264), and 4K. It is also a good stills camera. I would personally choose the nx1, but my needs are different than yours, an event videographer might be better off with the AC130A's dual recording slots. Or someone needing advanded pro audio might like the AC130A's XLR.


      In the end it depends on whether you are a DLR/mirrorless or camcorder filmmaker. You can't go wrong with either.

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      EDIT: The HXR-NX1 is a sony camera, which is a camcorder style camera similar to the AC130A. It is difficult to find information about it, because it is apparently sold only in asia or something. It is similar to the AC130A, but has uncompressed output (but no 4k).

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      Thanks for replying Tesla, You figured out yourself that the Sony HXR-NX1 does exist.  I am in need of a Camcorder and not a DSLR's Video.  Yes the Sony NX1 is in the brochures of Sony here (India).  But some detail in known on the camera, but no sample footage.  In the brochure it is said that the sensor is 1/3.0 inch but in other places it is written as 1/2.8 — same as the NX3's!

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