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Panasonic AC 130 Artifacts?

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    Laguna Hiker

    I picked up some rather odd transient artifacts in some interview footage that I shot with my Panasonic AC 130 camcorder. The camera has a CMOS sensor, but the artifacts aren't the type of 'rolling shutter' glitches One would see in sports footage.

    Rather than trying to describe the artifacts, I have compiled a one-minute reel that shows five instances of the artifacts in the interview, which I have posted on Vimeo. I am hoping someone can look at this reel and help me understand what causes these glitches, and how to prevent them. Thanks for your help!

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    Laguna Hiker

    I got several comments on the Vimeo page, and I came to the conclusion that the glitches were media-related. I did a low-level check and reformat of my SD cards in Windows, and then I reformatted them in the camera. The last step is particularly important. It's only a high-level format, but it initializes the folder structure that the AC130 needs to generate AVCHD video.

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    Laguna Hiker

    I solved my problem, and I thought I'd post what I've learned in case anyone else runs into the same problem.


    My issue was media related. I had been using SanDisk Extreme SD cards, with a Class 10/U1 speed rating. The listed data transfer rate (DTR) on the cards is 45 MB/sec. I switched to SanDisk Extreme Pro SD cards, which have the same speed rating, but which have a listed DTR of 95 MB/Sec. I haven't seen any artifacts or glitches since I switched.


    I suppose the moral of the story is to depend on the DTR on the card. Class 10 wasn't fast enough for my camera, and neither was a U1 rating–U1 appears to be a rough equivalent of Class 10, and it does not guarantee a DTR that is sufficient for HD videography. For my Panasonic AC130, 45 MB/sec was too slow, but 95 MB/sec is sufficient.

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