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      I have the following problem: I've edited a short film in Pinnacle Studio 16 but realized when trying to burn it to DVD it was impossible, since Pinnacle will only output at 25 frames per second. (That seems to be its default. I think this may be a Pinnacle glitch.) Does anyone know of any way to convert a 25 fps file to 23.98 without glitching? I've tried speeding it up by 4% to account for the conversion slowdown but the frame skippage is severe.

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      You can set the frame rate in Pinnacle 16 while the footage is on the timeline. Look for the little gear icon on the left hand end of the timeline. Click that and set the footage to the desired framerate.


      When you'r ready to burn the disc, click Export (top of screen) and select Disc. Under Settings, click on Advanced, and set the output – PAL, NTSC or whatever choices are offered to you. 


      Pinnacle is a decent NLE, and has many of the tools to do things any experienced editor would want.

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