Overlay text on my video editor is not smooth when displayed (using Videopad)

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      Hi Folks


      I've started using the Video Pad free editor and when I overlay with text it is jagged. I'm new to video editing but in photoshop for images you can add the anti-alias smooth text option. Am I doing something wrong.


      Everything else about the package has been great and I'll buy it when the free trial runs out if I can get the text to come out smooth. It just looks unprofessional at the moment. It's even coming out jagged on the blank screen intro, which is just a one colour background


      I'd be so grateful for any help. So glad I found this great forum.


      many thanks


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      when it comes to software for video editing, I have searched and searched but have not found a free video editing software that can do a good job, there are some exception, but they are quite sophisticated editing tools with no tutorials to guide you. Save some money and buy one of the $100.00 editing tools recomended here on Videomaker.com. your work flow will become much easier.

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