“overlap” effect in Movie Maker?

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      so, mostly, Windows Movie Maker is good enough for my limited abilities and needs, except for one thing. I can't really make a music video the way I want to. I'd want to record myself lip-syncing the song at a few different locations, then basically line up those as multiple "tracks" and make transitions, also adding footage from other sources. in WMM, I'd have to splice sections of those together manually, and I really don't think I'd be able to syncronize them that way. Is there some way to do this in WMM that I'm missing? if not, is there another free video editor that's as easy to use as WMM?

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      I think you need multi-screen function (i.e. Picture-in-picture or overlap effects like you mentioned), which means you can compose like 2 or more screens to play your music videos at the same time.  However, Windows Movie Maker can't make it. There are multiple free video editors like imovie can support this effect. Check more free video editing software here: http://video.stackexchange.com/questions/4233/simple-video-editing-tool/9384#9384, please just ignore WMM.

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