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      Hi there,


      I've just joined a small company as the junior editor and film maker. Part of my resposnbility during my queit times is to go through all the previous rushes and master files to organise them so that they are efficent, neat and understandable to the rest of the team and not just myself. 


      I'm wondering what everyone elses approach is to organising and cataloging their rushes and masters so that I could try and implement it in what I've got to do.

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      BUMP ^^

      Is anyone tagging metadata????  I've got terabights of video and finding
      a "Office", "Taxi" or "Cow" shot is time consuming and painful.


      Their must be something that works, that isn't $$$$ Bridge SUX,
       ** Multi User

       ** Multi Drive
       ** Multi Client

       ** Multi Project

       ** Multi Content tags

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