Optimal Results from Cineform/GoPro + CS6?

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      I'd like to find anyone who happens to shoot video with Canon HD camcorders, imports into Windows with Cineform/GoPro software and edits/produces finished products with Adobe Creative Suite 6.


      I have an XH-A1s and import with the Cineform/GoPro technology on a Windows 8/i7 machine with 12GB of RAM, 256GB/SSD and several TBs of traditional hard-drive space.


      Trial/error processes have taught me to get raw video, assemble with CS6/PremierePro and export the edited project as a Cineform AVI file.


      Generally that looks (on the computer screen) ALMOST as good as the original tape, so I send it to CS6/Encore to make it into a DVD.


      The net results are no where near what I HOPE they should be, whether viewed on the computer or played back on SD/DVD player and mid-sized screen (40 in).


      If you are knowledgeable of this combination of technology and can suggest how to get good quality SD playback from pretty good quality Cineform HD/avi, I would be very grateful and may be able to return the favor if you happen to be interested in get incredible sound from a grand piano in your audio or video productions!  (I have access to a Baldwin SD-10 and personally own a Baldwin SF-10 – 9 and 7 foot respectively).



      Dave Nuttall

      San Antonio, TX

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