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      Why are you attracted to videography?

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      Wow, I had to really think about that. I finally decided what attracted has changed over the year. After I stopped using my Dad's 8mm film camera in the mid 70's I didn't use a 'video' camera for 20 years. I was a bulky 2 unit Panasonic with the full size VHS slung around my back and the camera resting on my shoulder. I was in a media developement course and the task was to storyboard and capture without editing. We were warned that the on board mic was poor and a successful strategy was to think about and capture our 'story' a silent movie. I still cherish that challenge to think and plan in images. So, originally, I was attracted by visual storytelling.

      A few years later i bough a DV and sat my parents down, individually, and asked them to tell me stuff I hadn't heard before; they did! My second attraction became documenting and documentary. My third attraction was that I liked to play with the software. After using an early version of WMM and PowerPoint Producer I bought ULEAD 8 through Corel 15 (which I still use today for quick projects and titles). The next attraction was thinking I could make money at video so I stepped up to HDV and CS3. I really like working alone and figuring it all out, angles, multiple cameras, lighting and sound – I'm a stickler for audio. Learning how to compose pictures and sounds into video is an endless challenge. DSLR's and the (relative) ease to move them using jigs, jibs and a variety of mounts always has me thinking. Lastly, I've been able to help and advise some really great local youngsters (under 40 is a youngster!) and that keeps me on my toes! Videography is attractive at so many reasons!



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      Thanks for taking the time to reply, Bruce. I would hope to hear from more folks on these forums. Perhaps others lack the ability to analyze their attraction or they're too busy trying to make money in the video biz?


      For me, video is ( an albeit expensive ) hobby. Sadly I wish I could re-visit all the fantastic places I was only able to capture images of with my 35mm Nikon FM, and re-shoot them in gorgeous HiDef video! Yeh, yeh . . . . boring home movies . . . .  but they mean something to me!

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      I got into it via my work as a photographer. I'd been a shooter for 6 years and when the opportunity to get training in film/video production became available, I jumped on it. It turned out to be a natural extension for my work as a still shooter. The challenge of making video projects is what keeps me involved. So much more goes into making a professional looking video project and having viewers being able to concentrate purely on the unfolding story/information (instead of technical issues) takes both talent and expertise.

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      I'm a tech geek, it's my nature. I came to the art side late in life. Being so anylitical "Art" was something hard for me, so I stuck to the 0's and 1's till I started to understand the "Rules" of art, which of course are made to be broken, hense the fun of them.


      So for me, it was at first the technical side and to me it was very interesting, especially as its been growing so fast. Then It took on more of a creative role in my life and I left engineering all to gether to do it full time. So for several years now its been both the main job and the hobby. I think it's important for people that work in video to have "Passion" projects. Just something on the side to keep the work fun and without limits. I couldn't keep the creative life going if I didn't have the hobbie side to expirement with.


      At that point it just becomes life consuming and you just go with what ever direction the job takes you.

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      I love that video can tell a richer story than just photos and/or art. With the right music, editing, special effects, etc… I can paint a better picture for the audience to experience. This year I was promoted into my current photo/video production job from being a full-time graphic artist and part-time photographer. So it on the job training but still very fullfilling. I've heard more compliments in the few months from co-workers that the videos I'm able to provide help us in sales and training of our products than I did in my previous 4 years as a graphic artist.

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      Like Woody, I too am a techie. I've been around video since high school, but not till after college did it become a full time passion. As an engineer, I felt gratified to see that my systems work enabled others to be so creative. Other rewards, such as my patents and an engineering Emmy, kept my passion alive on the technical side. While I've owned photo and video gear throughout my life, it was largely as a hobby outside of the engineering work. It wasn't until later that I discovered I had a creative flair, first in photography, then in graphic design, then with my video gear. What's interesting is that my stepdaughter discovered her talent for camera work, and basically commandeered my equipment to do all the shooting. Now that she's on her own, I have my gear back. I've since crafted the framework of a business plan, aligned my equipment collection with today's standards, and now seek projects as time permits me to accept them. I hope to make this a full time effort in the near future.

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      And I guess to delve deeper into the topic, I think for me videography enables me to capture and share stories and events. It's the message that I can deliver, through images, graphics, and music, all assembled into a style that is all my own, that I find appealing. I'm fueled by the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from a variety of sources–there's so much to offer and so little time to experiment and develop those skills.

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      Interesting that respondants so far appear to be " seasoned " enthusiasts and/or professionals. I was hoping that some neophites would come forth with an understanding of what draws them toward video production.

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      I got drawn in after getting a mini DVD cam for family video.  I knew that even home movies could be more interesting with a little effort.  After that I realized I wanted to tell stories  that you conceive, and bring to life thru video.  I've got several projects rolling around my head I hope to bring to life. 

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