Online video encoders, what’s the point….?

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      i have a newbie question and i hope you can help me with this…
      I saw some sites for video encoding, such as and hey
      I render my videos to Apple pro res, which makes the videos 10Gbs or more. So i guess using an online encoder is pointless since it would take forever to upload a 10 Gbs file, not talking about the cost of these services for such a big file.
      Therefore, what's the point of using them? maybe i should render a H264 file at 5000 Kbits/sec and upload to one of those services to make it smaller?
      Hope you can help me clarify this.
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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      I think the benefit is you are limited by your connection speed and not your computer. Some of these cloud transcoders work very fast. As in, as soon as they start receiving data, their systems are transcoding it. The idea being, as soon as the upload is done you can download finished files. If you're working on something like an ultrabook, you may be better off uploading/downloading than transcoding yourself.

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      Thanks Mike


      actually i have a Macbook pro retina display with a 3,7 Ghz I7 quadcore. 


      However, i don't like doing the encoding using it, as it takes a long time and all the fans go crazy in the process. 


      Right now i am using an old Imac for encoding and although its processor is slower i don't mind waiting and i don't mind to make it work hard.


      However, it would be great to use an online encoding service as it's super fast as you just said.



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