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      Platform: Adobe Creative Cloud CC (premiere, ae, etc.)
      Hi firstly I am not sure if this is the right forum for this but I thought that id give it a shot. Basically I have a shot that I would want to do practically. The shot should look like one shot, static, and we see a  guy (profile-medium) talking then stops…and smoke gently comes out of his mouth. Now the source of the smoke is not a cigarette in the shot but I could use a cigarette to get that look. My reason for going practical is because I cant find a realistic AE effect and this is a realistic video. So this is my idea
      1. Have him stand in the profile and talk until the point that I would cut (between him talking and the smoke), have him stand in the exact same position then have him drag a cig, keep his face in that position and then let the smoke come out. 
      Are there any special Adobe techniques to make this as fluid and unnoticeable (the cut) as possible.?

      thanks and sorry for the verbosity. 

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      I don't know of any techniques in post that you can do in Adobe except maybe converting the shot (after you've made the edit) to slow motion in After Effects and it may fill in any jump with extra frames, smoothing it out after you cut just those extra frames back into the regular footage. Even when done by professionals in the old days (I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched), similar techniques always yielded a jump in the cut and depending on how big that jump is will determine how much your shot will be lengthened (the bigger the jump, the more frames you'll need to smooth it out, a result you may not care for). Have you thought about doing the effect practically in post. Have the actor dress in black, including a hood, with a slit for the mouth so the smoke to come out. Shoot against a black background and have the light hit just the smoke (as bright as you can get and adjust the exposure or you can adjust the contrast in post so nothing but the smoke shows). You can then add it to the shot using the Additive Desolve. You can adjust the percentage to get the right exposure (keeping it the same for the beginning and end) and you will probably have to adjust the position so it comes out of his mouth, which is easy. I haven't tried this myself but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Hope one of them works for you. Good luck.



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