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      Here is my dilemma: I’m a one man team, most of the time. I’d like to have the smallest, lightest amount of gear I need to do my job of adventure videos and news casting.  Have I looked at gopro? No. Is that the best to do? How is the sound on that device?

      Areas of concern:
      1) Lighting, how do I get over lighting in dark areas?  I just purchased an LED light that has a standard tripod thread.  I also purchased a hold arm that I use for the lighting. 

      2) Sounds recording, I use a cheap mic and the output is cheap.  Where do I go from here for equipment? $500 mic or $5,000 mic?  Do I need to just go to external recording and sync later?  Is that the best?  Do I need training for that and how will my editors respond or what will they expect?  Is there a good article about making the transition from one price range to another?

      I currently use 3 cameras for shooting. Is a mic in the $100.00 range with a 3.5 mm jack adapater out of the question.

      A) My Galaxy S3 phone (yes, I'd like to get a mic that I could use for this)
      B) Cannon HF 200, uses the 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack
      C) Cannon Rebel T31 has a 3.5 mm mini-jack (though the online specs do not sure an audio jack input).

      3) Stabilizer, I currently have a Jayblizer, and looking at the gilder pro. BUT, I’m looking for something smaller, light weight that I can use in adventures, in crowded areas, that I can quickly get up and going.  Should I instead opt for a gliding monpod? There is a Dragon stabilizer 1 on sell, but is that going to get the job done or be a hassle of a setup like my jayblizer?

      Remember, I might be by myself, so to be able to check audio levels while I record might be difficult.


      I almost feel like there needs to be some new equipment made for one man teams that get the job done.

      Feedback and Rants welcome.




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