One lens: 24-80m vs 50m

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      Advice for a starter please: I’m shooting a short documentary. It’s on the fly and I’ll be following a party of people on an expedition, so I won’t be able to do a huge amount of planning.

      I’ve got a sony a7s and I have £600/$800 for a lens. Should I go for a versatile but very bulky second hand 4 yr old canon I’ve found, it’s a F2.8 24-80, with my metabones adaptor. It’s very heavy but useul. Hpw does that compare to getting a new sony F1.8 55m? They’re similar prices (£550). The first is versatile but bulky, the second, lighter but limited shooting.

      I’ll be grateful for your suggestions.

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      Given the facts of the shoot as you describe it, I’d opt for the versatility of the f2.8 24-80 over the fixed lens. It will give you more opportunity to remain unobtrusive while filming and will enhance your ability to compose your shots on the fly.

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