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      I have written a couple of free tutorials and other ressources I’d like to share here :

      In the Introduction, the main concepts of storytelling are defined : a story is made of plots whose actantial characters have roles and other properties (goal, motivation…) which can evolve. A story is also made of narrative settings and dramatic effects.

      Free scenario class

      In the Working Method, the writing of a script is divided into 5 steps. The method is applied to the creation of a hip-hop comic, of an album of electronic music, of a web-series, of a heroic-fantasy novel.

      Free Storytelling Working Method

      The vocabulary matters, because the art of storytelling needs precision.

      Storytelling vocabulary

      All this theory then gets applied to great artworks, in cinema (Pulp Fiction, The Godfather), music (14 Music Videos, including songs by Michael Jackson, Björk or Radiohead), series (Game Of Thrones), etc.

      Storytelling Analyses

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      I was going to take a pass on this – it’s been done so many times by others and deconstructing previous successes too often hasn’t been all that useful. But curiosity overcame me and I did have a look and was pleasantly surprised. I think you’ve got some excellent analysis and really useful models and examples. Thank you for making it available.

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      Thank you Shoestone ! 🙂
      It’s indeed been done many times, though… sometimes with errors in the theory, as when some authors advise storytellers to tell a story necessarily in 3 Acts… which makes no sense. (Though plots have 3 Acts, theoretically speaking, but cut be cut in as many parts as wanted.) The study of Pulp Fiction and the Godfather, which are among the most appreciated movies ever, shows respectively 10 and 27 plots, and no structure in 3 Acts.

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      Very late to this, but I learned long ago to write from a place of experience or knowledge. I believe in this strongly because if I write from a place that is beyond my knowledge or experience then it can come across as forced and or a lie. Writing is an adventure, and we have the opportunity to created this world that our readers, and watchers will dive into head first. If I chose to write about running from the mafia, but I haven’t researched it, lived through it personally, or gained access from insiders about the experience my writing has the chance of coming across incomplete and filled with plot holes big as the Grand Canyon. Anyways this is just my personal opinion, and knowledge I picked up along the way from other great writers.

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      I also don’t know how to write even on a single topic. But I am trying or learning how to write, I start reading or sometime I read writers reviews at https://edureviewer.com/resume/resumes-planet-reviews/. I think reading is the best way to learn how to write, from reading we get many new ideas and learn many new things.

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