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      Hi, I'm new to video and new to the forums here. I have a technical question on how to get use out of an old camcorder.


      I bought a Canon XHA1 camcorder in 2008 for my daughter to use for a filmaking class. She  returned the camera to me, and it's been sitting unused for a few years. It's in brand new condition, and had very little use. I would like to get some use out it but I'm having problems getting the files from camera into my Mac Mini + Adobe Premier CS6 for editing.


      The softwared does not recognize the camera. I connected it to the mini using firewire.


      Does anyone know of any device or software that I can obtain, that will help me get the files converted from the camcorder, for editing into my Mac?


      Since I'm new and learning, I'm not ready to spend a lot of money on a new camcorder. Plus, I can use my DSLR to shoot video.


      I'd love to get some use out of this camera, it shoots nice HD video, and I'd hate to see it as a paper weight.

      Any help is greatly appreciated,

      Ivan B.

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      Accoring to page 109 of the user manual you may need to adjust a setting to get the camcorder properly recognized.  I know this is true in Premiere as I have had trouble if the settings on both the camcorder and the software are not set correctly.


      If the original footage is HDV and you want to import it as DV then you need to set the video output: Set [PLAYBACK STD] to [HDV] and [HD DOWN-CONV] to [ON]


      If the original footage is DV then: Set [PLAYBACK STD] to [DV]


      If the orginal footage is HDV then: Set [PLAYBACK STD] to [HDV] and [HD DOWN-CONV] to [OFF]


      If the camcorde is not recognized after doing this then you may need to adjust a setting in Premiere.

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      Despite being an older camera, the XHA1 can still hold its own in many shoots. Most notably the camera isn’t the greatest for some low lit situations but out doors or in a controlled setting, this camera work well. As far as toy issue importing data into Premiere. This should be simple to resolve. Please make sure that you have the proper settings in the software. More specifically, on the capture screen, you should see of to the left either a designation fir HDV or DV. If one setting doesn’t work, simply try the other one and in the future, please be aware of what kind settings you are using when recording.

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