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      I have a specific question and if anyone can lend a hand that would be helpful.

      With an older Canon GL1 Mini DV camcorder is it possible to take a DV cassette with video recorded on the GL1 and put the DV cassette into the Canon XL1 which was a slightly newer version and play the video on the XL1?

      The reason I ask is because I am trying to investigate a video that was recorded on the GL1 that showed the date time display at the bottom left. The person said he connected that camera to an XL1 and the video then had a different looking time date display. The date and time were exactly the same but appeared different on how they were layed out on the screen.

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      Does anyone know if it is possible back then to put a Mini DV tape into another Canon camera and will it play?

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      To answer your first post, each camcorder’s menu screen can be different (sometimes a lot) hence the different on-screen displays.
      The answer to your second post is yes. Any mini-DV camcorder will play a tape that was recorded on another mini-DV camcorder – as long as it wasn’t recorded in LP mode which some camcorders have and some don’t.


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