odd effects after burning HD movie using Roxio Toast 11

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      I hope I'm posting in the proper forum.
      using an old-ish iMac, I created a movie in iMovie 11 using HD footage from my HD camcorder.  All footage in 24 fps.
      I discovered that when using iDVD to burn a disc, HD is lost. So, after researching some forums, etc., I bought Roxio Toast 11.
      I bought the HD/bluray plug-in for Toast then I created the movie in Toast, selected the HD format option, then burned the movie onto an SD DVD+R disc.
      The good news is that when I play it in my bluray player on my LCD TV, the HD is back! Most of it looks terrific.
      But it created two new problems:
      1) I'm a novice and don't know the term for this effect, but there is a massive amount of the edges of objects looking very ragged. It doesn't happen on all the video. Just some. Possibly when there is a certain movement? It's not subtle. It makes certain portions of the movie unwatchable. It may be an unfair question if I'm not describing it clearly, but can anybody possibly help me identify what this is and how I might get rid of it? 
      2) I'm using some blank screen (black) during some transitions between movie segments. On my Mac and when I burned using iDVD, those appeared as they were supposed to. Using Roxio Toast, though, those black screens aren't properly black. It looks like a video effect of flying a spaceship through a star field. 
      Can anybody help me? 
      Thank you!
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      I have tried Roxio products before and have no love of them. The one I had came with the DVD burner that I purchased. This was back when they were first coming out which shows you how old the program is. I not familiar with Rixio's latest so I can't tell you what the problem definitely is but I do have some questions such as why are you burning an HD video on a DVD disc. The software I have could burn a DVD onto a CD but not all readers could play it. It was a good money saver at the time, why waste an entire DVD on a ten minute short when you could fit it onto a cheaper CD, but there was no guarantee that it would work on anything other than a Roxio player on your computer. I know I had trouble. Although I'm sure that you can fit a HD video onto a DVD if it's short enough, your player may be having problems with it. It "knows" it's looking at a DVD disc but there's an HD file on it. I wouldn't doubt that it's having trouble reading it or decoding it, hence the mess. Try burning your video onto a Blu-ray disc, see if that solves the problem. Good luck.

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