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      So I shot footage today on my NXCAM with a 128GB flash memory with no SD cards. When looking into the camera's playback mode I can see that everything I shot did record on the flash memory. However, when I plug the NXCAM into my Mac with a USB cord it doesn't even show up as a drive in Finder.


      What's also fascinating, when I plug in the USB cord I get two options on the NXCAM screen: Memory Card A or Memory Card B, curiously no option for drawing from the flash (external) memory. This is very curious because I did a little research and found that I likely wouldn't be able to access MTS files through Finder, going through the camera itself when transfering data. Anyone have any ideas?

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Sony is pretty adament about users not maniuplating individual NXCAM files. Aparently doing so makes the media unreadable by the camera. Windows users need to use the Sony CMU (Content Management Utility). Unfortunately there's no Mac version.


      I suspect in your case, you'll need to connect your flash drive to the Mac directly, rather than connecting through the camera. What kind of flash drive are you using?

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      Thanks Mike, you're absolutely right. When I connected my flash drive to the Mac it showed up in Finder and then I was able to access the media directly through Premiere.

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