NV-GS400 Still a decent choice?

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      Greetings, I have a couple of these that we occasionally use. I would like to get away from tape, but image quality is still my focus. Also low light is a concern. I understand these are dinosaurs now, but are they still decent or would I be better off selling and getting a good HD? Suggestions?

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      Hi – to answer your question, here's a side-by-side of the NV-GS400 against an old (2012-era) Panasonic HC-X900 (please watch at 1080p):




      By today's standards, the 1080p X900 is a low resolution camera.  The newest Panasonic and Sony camcorders have 4 times the resolution of the X900 (please watch at your monitor's highest resolution): 







      If budget permits, you might want to seriously consider upgrading to a modern camera.  A Sony AX33 kit is a little less than $1100.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck!



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