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NTSC and PAL, do they matter when buying digital camcorder?

Home Forums Cameras and Camcorders NTSC and PAL, do they matter when buying digital camcorder?

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    I am thinking of buying Toshiba Camileo X200 Full HD Digital Camcorder in US. However, I will be using it in Europe. As far as I know, the camera records in NTSC. I have read that there might be problems when playing the videos in Europe, since its PAL there. I will be burning videos on the DVDs and playing them straight on TV; just standard armature use, nothing fancy.
    So my question is, does it matter whether the camcorder is NTSC or PAL? I have read couple of comments on various forums which suggest that there is no difference since the camcorder records it in the digital format. But I want to be sure before I buy it.
    Please help.
    Thank you

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    There is a difference. NTSC will not play on a PAL set or vise versa. If you're going to watch exclusively on PAL you may want to go that route. They are available in the states but I doubt that you can walk into Best Buy and find one. An alternative would be to use your editing software (I assume your projects aren't so amateurish that you're not using an editor) which, depending on the software, should be able to convert from the two formats. I had a friend who shot a short for film class but it was in PAL and he asked me if there was any way to see it on an NTSC set. I told him to check his software to see if it could convert it during rendering and since I eventually got to see it I'm guessing that it could. Keep in mind that PAL has more scan lines than NTSC and you may lose some detail in the conversion. Was this a problem with my friend's video? I don't know, I saw it on VHS (this was before DVDs) which has a resolution problem all its own. Hope this was helpful. Good luck.

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