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      Recently, I visited a music festival in Bulgaria and recording shows  with my digital camera Canon PowerShot  A495. I made about 30 video clips and only 15 can be accessible. It happened in about 50% cases during recording that camera abruptly stop recording with black screen,  and the video clips weren’t  finalized. Those videos can’t be seen on SD. Others videos which fortunately finalized can bee seen on SD card and be able to transfer  from SD card to computer.
      I tried with some programs for recovering files to get those not finalized video clips but only what I was getting, by those programs, were earlier deleted files on SD card.
      I suppose that there are some binary recording of those not finalized video clips and if there are some possibilities that I in some way  accesse  to them and finally get those videos.

      My camera recording in AVI format video clips and the SD cars which is used is Kingston 4Gb SD HC 2.

      I’m accessing to the files on my SD card in two ways by the original cable gotten with camera and I have SD readers in mu PC.


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      I can think of 2 possible scenarios:

           Scenario 1:  Your SD card may have some corrupted sectors, in which case it's time to replace the SD card.

           Scenario 2:  The card may not be fast enough for the data rate at which your camera is trying to record.  I have seen this before, where because of the speed of the card, the camera can sometimes record video to it, but it is unstable and often causes the camera to crash.

           Either way, it sounds like it's time to replace the card.

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