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      I have been making videos for 6 months now… i was a total newbie and after a few months of learning i have come to the point where i am pretty happy with what i have done.


      Now, i am wondering what is the next step. Let me explain: I have some equipment which is not pro, but not even super entry level. I shoot with a Canon T4i and mainly a 500$ Rokinon prime lens.


      I am wondering if my next step is to try and buy new lenses, or new lights, or whatever i don't know.


      Here are some videos that i shot in these months:






      What would you focus on to get to the next level?


      I know it's not an easy question… but since i self taught everything i learnt, i don't have any teachers or mentors to guide me…


      Any advice and feedback is highly appreciated…







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      You are right… that is a tricky question to answer.


      In my opinion it isn't about what you need to purchase but about what you should be working on. Why not try shooting a short film or a music video (or anything that you have never really tried before). See what kind of difficulties that you face and then you may figure out that you should buy an extra LED light to use while shooting, or that you really need at 35mm lens because your current ones are not getting the look that you need.


      If you have the money, then buy anything that you like, but I think that if you really want to learn and progress your skills more, the best way to do that is to put yourself in a challenging situation and figure out how to overcome it – and if that means buying some new equipment, then do that.


      I will add if you do not have a slider for your camera then get one of those as they make for some excellent shots. Not that I can afford it J



      Hope this helps in some way!  

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      Yes John


      it really helps thanks.


      I was thinking about it these days and i kind of came to the same conclusion you just gave me.


      Thanks again!



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