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      Yep I'm a stone noob – hope y'all don't mind me pickin' brains here…?

      So I need to record a guitar video of myself with at least 2 web HD webcams simultaneously recording video to be edited later. 

      At the same time I'll be recording audio with Logic X, that's one area where I'm not a noob.

      Oh yeah, another part of the mandate is to keep the budget as low as possible. 

      So with all lthat in mind, ya got any suggestions for cameras to purchase and video recording software to use?


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      I should've also mentioned my preference for cameras that can work well in low light, and how desirable it would be to control the Mac software from my iPad2.

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      [11 days of silence]


      Well in that case does anyone have a suggestion for a forum where I could get answers to questions like these? Having a hard time finding one.

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      Have you checked that your Mac can actually take signals from 2 web cams?

      It probably can't. So start with a Mac Forum, try the Apple website.


      Perhaps some folks here did as I did, looked at your posting and thought it was odd you'd need two video feeds and an audio feed to, we'd have to assume, stream HD, on the web..all the while live mixing your two video feeds while you play guitar. If that's what you really want to do then start with finding a stream service and explain to them what you want to do. They'll be able to explain which software and additional hardware you'll need to become a broadcaster. 


      have fun



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      Thanks for the reply Bruce,


      I have seen talk but but not reliable confirmation that 2 USB cameras could be recorded on a Mac.  In fact Scopebox Mac software touts it:


      "Another major innovation is ScopeBox’s support for monitoring 
      or recording signals from multiple cameras simultaneously. With 
      one computer, you can easily connect all the cameras on your shoot. 
      Match colors or exposure between cameras, keep an eye on what 
      each camera is capturing, or even record separate feeds from each 
      camera all at once."


      I don't want to stream on the web or live mix. I want to just capture HD video from 2 different angles (cameras) simultaneously, then go back and edit those synced captures into one video.


      I will check on the Apple forum about stuff – that was a good suggestion, thanks.




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      Ah, I see. 

      Here's the thing. Although scope box records simultaneously,  it's not 'synchronized.' You will have to sync two video tracks with you audio track. Not hard to do with a good multitrack video editor. You don't need to use webcams which are, in a word, crap.


      To answer your question then, just about any camcorder or dslr, heck even 2 iPhones will do as long as you properly light your quiet area. Start the cameras, start your audio recorder,  clap once for an audio peak, record, end, dump files into video editor, align the audio peak of all three signals and scrub through the video cutting out what to don't want. 


      There are plenty of opinions on this forum about inexpensive cameras, appropriate multitrack editors for your computer. You may wish to pose your questions a little better though.


      For instance, had you started with: 'I want to make a guitar playing  video that has two angles or views, I have a Mac and an audio recorder, what else do I need?' You would have had lots of responses. Some would ask what you are doing? Lessons are different from making money on performances. There are people on this forum who excel at both of those and more. And they volunteer there time too so if you ever pose a question here and meet with 11 days of silence, visit your question again to see if you can make it answerable. 


      I hope that helps and I hope you hang in here and help others who are doing videos similar to yours and share what you've learned.





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      Good insights there, thanks.


      I guess what started me thinking HD webcam is that I'd want to be able configure and control the cameras easily and from one stationary position – so I could sit where I will be filmed and see right on the computer monitor if the cameras are positioned right and what they will look like, then just press record.


      As opposed to filming something "blind", then going back and looking at it to see what's wrong with it, have to get up and press record on each camera each time, get back into performing position, etc.


      BUT now that you bring up the iPhone it sounds like maybe I could use an iPhone plugged into the Mac and have that webcam-like convenience? I'd hope my iPhone 4 could get 1080p HD comparable to this LOGITECH C920 HD 1080p  ….


      And part of the reason for this wish for streamlining the process is that if all goes according to plan there will be a featured furry pet exhibiting some cuckoo behavior during the guitar performance (seriously, one camera will likely be a close up on him), but his inspiration to perform his antics will likely fade quickly if I'm slowed down with too much camera jockeying.


      This is intended as a Youtube video of a performance, not a lesson BTW.



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      Hi Jeebs,


      Check out CaptureSync, as it seems to do exactly what you want:



      CaptureSync can record multiple audio and video sources on your Mac, all synchronised together in a single QuickTime Movie file. If you need to do any subsequent editing you can easy import the footage into Final Cut Pro.


      (Full disclosure: I'm the developer of CaptureSync).


      Hope this helps!



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