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      Hello guys,

      I am having a nightmare with the editing of my speedpainting video. I am an absolute noob in configuring my videos and abit overwhelmed by the amount of information I go through, to sort my problem out.
      I have used OBS studio to screencapture the making of a detailed artwork with (output format is .flv and the quality of this material is good). There is lots of editing to do, since I zoomed in alot when i did the paint which i have to edit out, or otherwise one gets lots of distraction when the video is played in timelapse. (any other idea to approach this problem then to cut and delete this all the time?)

      Now my main issue is the following:
      I use Avidemux (adding logo and cutting out the bottom of the videoscreen) and Movie Maker (for timelapse, cut/delete scenes) and I get massive quality losses everytime when I save an edited vid. Moviemaker crashes so many times that I have to save all the time and the edited videoquality is so bad now, I had to scrap it. I played around alot with the settings, mainly with output formats, bitrates without having too much of a clue and it slightly got better but it still is very bad.

      For Avidemux I use mp4 muxer and video codec mpegAVC (x264) and bitrate pass 2

      For Moviemaker I use highest settings possible under the saving options.

      I hope someone can help me getting though this, it´s driving me mad now.

      Please tell me if you need any info,
      Thanks in Advance!

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      Stop using two different apps. Each app compresses your video and squeezes out the quality. instead, get one good quality editor such as Pinnacle. Search Amazon or Google for other apps.

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