Noob here – what is a good camera to start with for 1k or under?

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      Hope to film weddings and corporate trainings. Really would like to buy something and get going soon, but can't go higher than 1K right now. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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      Anything in the Canon Vixia series is worth consideration, with most falling in the gneral ballpark of your indicated budget range. They run from about $400 to $1,500 and do a decent job of acquiring the imaging you need for general wedding and/or training production video.

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      sullyllus – the Vixias are great cameras, but I would avoid consumer palmcorders for pro work.  If you can stretch your budget just a little, you can get a Panasonic AG-AC7 shoulder mounted camcorder for $1136.  The shoulder mount looks more professional and will help you to keep your shots steadier (without spending extra money for a shoulder rig). It shoots 1080 interlaced only, but it is a good beginner pro camera and can produce quality video in high definition.


      Here's a wedding video shot with the AG-AC7 (watch in 720p):


      Short narrative video:


      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      I have three Vixias, nad today I have a performance to shoot with them. I too will recomend the canon Vixia cameras, in particular Vixia HF G10, its a litle more money thatn the rest of the canon offerings but the performance of the camera is worht the investment

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