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      I know almost nothing about video editing.

      If I didn’t chase you away with that comment and you’re still reading, I’ll try to be brief. I record videos on my phone. It’s a Motorola Droid Turbo if that matters to anyone. Has a decent 21mp camera. I am (half-heartedly) looking into possibly buying a camcorder… maybe… someday. It would be nice, but it’s down pretty low on my list of things I want to buy right now.

      The videos I record are mostly just 2 t0 3 minute clips of family stuff – nothing serious. The only software I have to edit them right now is “Clone2Go” free video converter to convert them from MP4 to avi, and then free Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for editing. By the time I get done converting the video with the free converter and editing it with the free editor, the image and sound quality is stupidly bad. It’s almost hard to tell who’s who.

      I noticed when I save the video from my phone to my computer it is in MP4 format, the frame width and height is 1920×1080, data rate is 17035kbps, and the audio numbers are up there as well. By the time I get it all converted and edited the frame width and height is 320×240, the data rate is 512kbps and the audio numbers are down.

      So I was hoping someone could recommend a fairly inexpensive software program that would allow me to do minor editing, (like the stuff I can do with Windows Movie Maker), but be able to keep the image and audio quality as high as possible?

      I know this stuff gets pretty in depth and a person could spend 6 years in college doing nothing but studying video editing and still not know a tenth of the information that’s out there. As a musician I messed around with digital audio editing back in it’s infancy from about 1998 to 2005. I tried getting back into it in 2010 and the advancements and technology was so far advanced from what I remembered it was like starting from scratch, but with a MUCH larger learning curve.

      So I’m don’t want to devote a whole lot of time or effort into video editing. I’d just like to do some minor editing on the home movies without having to take a 90% reduction in the quality.

      Thanks for any suggestions in advance

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      Is $50 too much to spend? If not, then my personal recommendation is Sony Vegas Movie Studio 13. You’ll be able to edit the video in it’s original format and then convert it to a number of different formats, depending on your intended usage. for more info.
      Download the trial version, play with it and see what you think.


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      Mike’s advice is dead on. The program is easy to learn and quite powerful, giving you the opportunity to work with both video and audio in a single package.

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      Kevin Mc

      I agree as well. I started years ago on Vegas Movie Studio, then later upgraded to Vegas Pro. It’s what I use to run my business.

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      I work at a local community college and regularly deal with students who have little to no experience dealing with any type of NLE. I can get anyone doing basic editing in Vegas Pro with less than an hour of instruction. That says a lot about its ease of use to me 🙂


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      Great suggestions above.I also use Sony Movie Studio. I understand your frustration on trying to use Windows Movie Maker. I have run into the same issues, however, I have used Handbrake for conversion and have had a lot of success. You can get the software here:

      It’s open source and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

      Good Luck and be sure to post your videos and/or success story here.

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      Did you change any encoding settings when you convert the file from mp4 to avi? To maintain the image and audio quality, you need to keep things no change prior to editing, and just transfer the container from .mp4 to .avi.

      I tested so many video encoders and Digiber converter is the BEST so far, you can choose to convert the file keep original options, or compress to a smaller size.

      For EDITING, Sony Vegas is pretty decent if you’re into making your videos all fancy and stuff

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      Edmonds: “For EDITING, Sony Vegas is pretty decent if you’re into making your videos all fancy and stuff.”
      Not sure what this means?

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