Noisy Video at ISO 100 (help!)

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      I am currently shooting a video for an exhibition I have next month, but every camera test I have done so far has not been useable due to noise!

      I am shooting with a SONY a58 DSLR, at ISO 100, indoors and with daylight and studio lights. My most recent camera test was at F.50 and 1/80…

      I am shooting a small black object with a very minimal white/or light grey background…

      Is there anything here that could be causing this problem?

      Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice – (and I hope I have posted this question in the correct place!)

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      I suspect the problem is the light background and the dark object in the foreground. With the camera in the “manual” mode and a dark background try illuminating the object so it looks good. Then add the light background. My guess is that the background will be blown out but the object will still look good. If this is the case, change the background to something less reflective or decide to live with the blown-out background.

      This is often a solution for wedding videographers whose brides want to have a lovely view of the ocean behind them: expose for the bride and fudge the background. It’s hard to have both unless you can throw a great deal of light onto the bride.

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      Hi Jack, thanks for your message! I will give this a try…

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