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      I have the Sony HVR-V1U and have had these cameras since 2009 I purchased them new. I took a break from using them for a year and am capturing from tapes I filmed on a couple years ago. If I hook the HDMI cable directly up to the TV there is very little noticible noise/grain. If I capture the video through the BlackMagic Intensity using the HDMI set at its highest quality setting there is alot of noticible noise.

      It is the same if I capture it through the DV/HDV with the firewire cable. I don't ever recall having problems with this. I have changed the cables reconfigured my computer arrangment so that I only have the computer, monitor, external drive plugged in.

      I do not have anything else besides the essentials plugged into the powerstrip and turn on near the computer. I am using a late 2008 MacPro with a RAID 0 setup on 3 drives. 


      What else can cause this I am using Adobe Preimere Pro CS6 I have also tried the iMovie and BlackMagic Capture software with the same effect. 

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