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      Great day everybody.
      So I bought the Nikon D5100 not too long ago, and I must say I like its video shooting capabilities.
      But something's really making me frustrated : every time I shoot an in-doors video, even if it's with a few open windows and regular room lights, when I upload it to the computer I see that all the areas on the video that are black (clothes, furniture) are filled with noise.
      Someone told me that it happens because I shoot in-doors and that I must shoot only out-doors but it seems funny to me because this is a DSLR not some cheap camera, and I've seen in-doors videos that were taken with this camera and they look just fine. more over, all of my windows were open and it was early in the day so the lightning in the room was great.
      Can someone tell me how I can fix that ? maybe change setting or black balance ? (iv'e tried different setting but i've never played with the black balance before).
      Thank you so much, I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me.
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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      What is your ISO set at? It should be as low as possible to reduce noise. If it's either above 400 or is set to Auto, that might be your problem.

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      Hi Katy, The low light video capability's of modern HDSLR's will let you shoot in almost darkness, so my first question to you would be whats the lowest f/stop lens you own?  f/4 and above won't work, you need to be down to 2.4 or lower (1.8/1.4 is good) with a lower ISO.  There is not a lot of zooms that will do this so you'll most likely be shooting on a prime lens.  Also at those settings you may need to alter your shutter speed if you see the mains powered lights strobeing/flickering, for most of the planet your mains power will be either 50 or 60 hz depending on where you live,  and if your shutter speed is the same and there not in sync they will strobe/flicker.


      Concider hireing a Nikon 50mm F/1.8 or the 35mm, and trying again, the 35mm would work better (wider view) on the Nikon D5100's crop sensor.


      I hope that helps  ~ Peter


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      Hi Katy –


      The fine people of Google can help you there.  Search by "D5100 video settings" or "D5100 video tutorial"



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      Hi Katy
      I own a D5100, and I shoot in low light all the time. The key to do this right, get yourself a prime lens-35mm 50mm 80mm 100mm. F stop 1.2 -1.8- 1.4. Use three point lighting if you can, and lower the brightness, or mask the light in post.

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