No more Vegas after vers. 13????

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      I recently heard that SONY would not be building/supporting Vegas Pro any more because they are concentrating on Catalyst instead. I tried to get a straight answer out of SONY’s site but nothing to make me feel better. Does anyone have the real scoop on this?

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      I sure hope not.

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      No. So why not relax until Sony makes whatever announcement they have to make. Rumors only generate needless anxiety.

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      Jack, I’m the guy that posted that info on the Sony Vegas Pro site. The original information came from Gary Rebholz, training manager for SCS. A lot of us are waiting for Sony to give the official word but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them end Vegas Pro. It’s been out there for a number of years and has had a good run but has failed to keep up with changing technologies as well as user requests and that’s been the kiss of death for a number of NLEs over the years.


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      Mike, I read your posting on the Vegas forum. You’re probably right, and Gary Rebholz is probably in the know. Still, we haven’t heard anything for Sony and I’d like to hear officially what they have in mind. Catalyst isn’t ready for prime time editing, in my opinion, and it seems like a poor business strategy to abandon a customer base without saying a word.

      Lets hope Sony make an announcement of some kind to put an end to the speculation — and what in some camps seems to be a good deal of anguish.

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      Jack, since you read my post, you probably saw this reply from Sony. In my opinion (and that of other users on there as well), it did nothing to confirm or deny the fate of Vegas.

      Sony Creative Software remains committed to Vegas Pro, our strong craft video editor, and continues to support the product. For Vegas Pro 13, we’ve released 4 updates so far, the most recent in June (build 453) which addressed some key camera support issues and is compatible with Windows 10.

      As a policy, Sony Creative Software does not comment on future product plans, however we are actively assessing market and customer needs for future major and maintenance versions of Vegas Pro. If you have specific needs, we’d love to hear your detailed product suggestions.

      – The Sony Creative Software Team

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      I don’t think so. Develop such software isn’t that easy. Stay calm and give Sony sometimes

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