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      Hi All,


      I've seen some cool concepts and techniques discussed on this forum related to automated action capture platforms like solshot and some others.

      I have been working on a vision based video tracking appliction prototype which can track subjects or activity with a wide angle or 360 degree cam, in real-time. At a wide angle, we capture at  a higher resolution than needed for the finished product and crop/pan in software centering the subject. With 360, we can track a target infinitely around the point of capture. The feed can be processed in realtime so you could potentially throw the output up on a live screen. By inline processing this way we can eliminate a gimbal altogether. 

      Here is a demo of a static camera capturing boxing activity. This is a prototype, so the motion action is not that smooth, but it proves the concept in that it successfully ignored the distractions around the center of action. It was captured on a 7dmarkii at 1080p/30fps, and the output was 854×480. 
      There is no product yet, but I need to understand who would be the potential users of something like this.
      Can anyone advise me on some use cases for something like this? 
      I thought for vdeo pro's capturing at events, you could place a second cam with this app at the impossible angle, and then move around with your primary.


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