No audio on exported video track using external mike

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      Hello, folks! I'm new here, but have been reading for a while! πŸ™‚ I was hoping one of you geniuses may be able to help. I just got a Canon XA20 and a Rode NTG-2 and the audio works perfectly in-camera and sounds fine, but when I export it to Windows, it appears to have no audio. If, however, I drop it into a video editor (I'm using Vegas), it has a mono track, but still can't be heard.

      Any ideas what I'm doing? I thought maybe the XLR export settings because the native audio is perfect. It's only once the handle goes on and a mike is added that the audio doesn't work. Believe it or not, Mr Google has no answer.

      Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions gratefullly accepted! πŸ™‚ Woohoo, my first post!


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      Search the Sony Editor's Forum regarding the lack of audio. I've never had problems using mp4 files in Vegas Pro but others on the forum have.


      As for the audio coming in on a mono track, I suspect that you don't have the audio block on the camera set up to record two channels.


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