Nikon D5200 for VFX?

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      Hi! I am first timer working on a short film which is greatly dependent on VFX. No shot will be spared from green screen. Until now, I was keen on using the Canon EOS M that I own for the project. But I have heard that the Nikon D5200 has better low light performance than the EOS M. I think this is an advantage for green screen work since luminance is a major factor here. Although, Snapsort comparisons are based on still images.

      However, the 1920×1080 24p footage from the D5200 comes packed at 24 Mbps whereas the one from EOS M runs at 45 Mbps. Also, the footage from EOS M has more I-frames (M=1,N=12) in comparison to D5200 (M=3, N=12). I suppose this facilitates editing. Please correct me on that if I am wrong.

      I think I am getting it all wrong. Maybe none of the above is correct. I know none of the two cameras is great for green screen work and 4:2:2 subsampling should be the bare minimum. But I am under tight budget constraints. I also like the fact that EOS M supports the Technicolor CineStyle profile. While Nikon DSLRs also have their “flat” counterparts, they are not from Technicolor.

      Phew! Please make this easy for me folks. Thank you for your time.

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