Nikon D5200 Focus – Video Moving Subjects

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      Hey Guys,
      I apologize if this is a very beginner question, but i do product videos of UTV sprayers where i work. I am doing a video shoot in about 2 weeks and i want to get my focus accurate.

      In the past i’ve had a real struggle getting proper focus to follow a moving subject (utv/sprayer) while filming it (keeping it in focus). I’ve watched videos on the different focus modes on the Nikon D5200 (the camera i use) but i still haven’t learnt which is the best one to follow my subject and keep it in focus.

      Here’s a video link of the types of videoing i’m doing.

      i’d be pumped if i could get a few suggestions or explanations for what i should be doing.

      Thanks Guys.

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      AvatarThomas Olsen

      In this case a STM lens works better. Stepped motor automatically changes focus point to the moving subject.

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