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Over the years, we have had the great oppotunity to work with a number of teachers and educators who are exposing new minds to video production techniques.  We wanted to give back a bit, so we are having a contest to give away a couple 1 year download passes to a teachers in April.


If you are a teacher, educator or administrator for a school, we would love it if you dropped by and signed up for the contest!


Here is the link:

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Since this 'contest' has no entry submission other than your data (name, e-mail, school you work for, etc.) with the vague hope of 'winning' a 'download pass' to their site, I'd have to say this is more 'data mining' for potential customers than actual contest. Enter if you feel the 'chance of winning' is worth all the email ads you'll get from them.

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Good catch Wolf!

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Thanks to everyone who dropped by to signup for our contest!  We had 2 winners who were announced in early may and received a 1 year pass to the site.


Thanks for the feedback, Wolf. ANY contest on the internet is designed to both raise awareness of a product and to help find people who are legitimately interested in a product.  We don't sell email addresses to anyone, and we would never bombard people with emails or anything like that.  But to run a contest, there must be a way for us to get back in touch with people to let them know that they won. If you can think of any other way around that, we would be interested to hear!  Thanks for taking a look :)

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The Association of Colleges for and the Student Education Association have selected a video produced by Indiana University Bloomington student Megan Van Pelt as the winner of this year’s “YouTube Video Sensation Contest.”  Van Pelt, a sophomore from Noblesville who will enter the IU School of Education as an elementary education student in the fall, was selected as creating the best video on the theme of “Why I Choose to Teach.”